In a Heartbeat



In a Heartbeat is a Disney Channel Original Series by real life Emergency medical technician (EMT) squads whose staff consists of high school students located all over the country that premiered in 2000 and ran from 2000-2001. The series follows the lives of several teenagers who volunteer as part-time EMTs while going to school and trying to maintain their lives as normal teenagers. In Canada, the series was aired on Family while in the US it was aired on the Disney Channel. The series is based on Post 53, a real EMT emergency response program run by high school students in Darien, CT; the only organization in the world to have high school students be first-response EMTs. In a Hearbeat has 21 episodes for the duration of one hour.   


Jesse Nilsson was guest star in two episodes:

·   The Boy’s No Good

·   Episode dated 1. April 2001 (unkown name)



In loving memory of Jesse Nilsson



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