Our Hero


Our Hero is a critically acclaimed television show on the CBC from 2000 to 2002. It ran for 26 episodes over two seasons, and was syndicated in the U.S. and U.K.



The title character was teenager Kale Stiglic who created a zine about her life in Toronto, with her friends Ross, Mary-Elizabeth and Dalal. Each episode was named after an "issue" of her Zine. The fantastically funny teen comedy series follows Kale the writer and developer of a high school "zine", a little magazine type thing full of rants and jokes and weird little drawings and even stuff found on the floor, all cut and pasted into something almost beautiful. Dealing with real teen issues in a sort of quirky unique way.

         Jesse Nilsson played Rollins in five episodes:

• The There's Probably A Word For This In Japanese Issue
• The Karma Issue
• The Secrets Issue
• The D.I.Y Issue
• The Brown Issue




In loving memory of Jesse Nilsson



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