Ready or not



Ready or Not is a Canadian teen drama series which aired on the Showtime Movie Channel and later on the Disney Channel. Ready or Not has 5 seasons and 65 episodes. (1993-1997).

The program follows teenagers Amanda Zimm and Elizabeth "Busy" Ramone throughout life's struggles. The show began as a short film and was titled Thirty-Two Double A. Eventually the producers saw that the show had the potential to be popular and turned it into a series. Throughout the show's 5 year run, the girls matured from the sixth grade to the ninth grade. The show ends when Amanda Zimm has to move to the West Coast. Her best friend on the show, Busy Ramone, stays behind.

Jesse Nilsson played Justin. Justin is a popular guy in his school. He always plays the cool boy. In some scenes he plays a bad guy and in other he really shows his good heart.


In loving memory of Jesse Nilsson



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