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My first Jesse Nilsson video.                                            24.08.08

Song: Moi Lolita by Alizèe.

Jesse Nilsson - In A Heartbeat                                      28.12.08

Song: Night of the loving Dead by Lordi

Jesse Nilsson - Model Behavior (1)                                   24.01.09

Song: Everytime we Touch by Cascada

Jesse Nilsson - Model Behavior (2)                               24.01.09

Song: Breaking my Habit by Linkin Park

Jesse Nilsson - Model Behavior (3)                                  24.01.09

Song: Animal I have Become by Three Days Grace

Jesse Nilsson - Adventure Inc. (1)                              26 April 09

Song: Wake up by Three Days Grace  

Jesse Nilsson - Adventure Inc. (2)                              26 April 09

Song: Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf

Jesse Nilsson - Best Moments                                     26 April 09

Song: The last Night by Skillet

Jesse Nilsson - Hot Moments                                     26 April 09

Song: Going under by Evanescence

Jesse Nilsson - I WILL NOT DIE!!!                                 26 April 09

Song: Time of Dying by Three Days Grace

Jesse Nilsson - Pictures of you                                     25 May 09

Song: Pictures of You by The Last Goodnight

Jesse Nilsson - Ready or Not                                        4 July 09

Song: Whispers by Unsun

Jesse Nilsson - Gallery 2 Pictures                                 February 09

Songs by John Barrowman

Memories hurt so much - Jesse Nilsson in "Our Hero".      15.August.09

I tried to do a story with some clips of "Our Hero" about Rollins (Jesse Nilsson).
Rollins is walking through the streets and everything is reminds him of his girlfriend. Rollins' girlfriend is passed away because an accident and he's remembering the last day with her.

Song: Say Goodbye by Skillet 

Jesse Nilsson Biography                                                08.12.09

Jesse Nilsson Video 2                                                  08.12.09

Song: Seether - Rise above This

Jesse Nilsson Video 3                                                  08.12.09

Songs: Gotthard: Lift U Up

                          Need to Believe

Jesse Nilsson - Four years ago                                        11.02.10

Song: Blackrain - Innocent Rosie

Jesse Nilsson's moods and emotions                                25.04.10

Jesse Nilsson                                                                 25.04.10
Song: Kiss - Say yeah

Memorial video: Jesse Nilsson 1977 - 2003                       25.04.10

Songs: Jesse's favorite songs

Multifandom video                                                          25.04.10

One Year ""                               07.07.10

Children of Bodom - Everytime I die

Jesse Nilsson - Video 1 - 9th December 2010                     9.12.10

Jesse Nilsson - Video 2- 9th December 2010                       9.12.10

Song: Gotthard - One Life, One Soul

Jesse Nilsson - 26th April 2011                                      26.04.11

Song: Shania Twain - From this Moment On

Jesse Nilsson - 09th December 2011                               09.12.11

Songs: Check out my Brain - Alice in Chains

           I believe in a thing called Love - The Darkness

Jesse Nilsson - 26th April 2012                                       26.04.12

Song: We're Stars - Hear'N'Aid

Jesse Nilsson - Memorial Video - 09th December 2012       12.12.12

Song: Stairway - Yukon Blonde


Jesse Nilsson - 10th anniversary                           26th April 2013

Hinder - Nothing good about goodbye



Other JN videos

Jesse Nilsson - In A Heartbeat                                       19 July 08

Song: (S)aint by Marilyn Manson

Video by rmfrick91

Jesse Nilsson                                                                10 June 07

Song has been disabled because of WMG copyrights!

Video by Mandy832


In loving memory of Jesse Nilsson



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