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    JerryM (Dienstag, 27 September 2016 18:36)

    thank you so much for this site. i love Jesse. forever in my heart.

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    sherfreak (Montag, 26 August 2013 00:56)

    Wow. It is awesome that you have done this, keeping his memory alive in such a determined and devoted manner. I was in shock when I learned he was no longer with us - But I have no doubt that it will be a long time before he is forgotten. I have only ever seen some episodes of Adventures Inc. so far, but I intend to by my own set of it when I am older and move out. Jesse's character Gabe is my favourite! He's so techy and smart.
    Sincerest (and belated) consolations to the family and friends - he sounds like someone I would have liked to have met in person.

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    Best Juicer (Samstag, 20 April 2013 19:41)

    I just shared this on Facebook! My pals will really enjoy it!

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    Akiko (Samstag, 20 April 2013 02:14)

    Hi, Sabrina.
    What a wonderful homepage ! I felt your love, passion and talent !
    I believe Jesse saw this page and smiling in the heaven :)

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    newboys2015 (Montag, 01 April 2013 15:30)

    cool website

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    THX for info

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    Paul L (Montag, 06 August 2012 02:44)

    He is a great actor, and is a sunny, charismatic and sensitive person. I hope that, from Heaven, he sees how much we miss his presence and like him.

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    Sa (Freitag, 20 Juli 2012 20:23)

    Thx for the great side
    I saw Jesse also the first time in Adventure Inc.
    I like Adventure Inc and i Like JEsse so much.
    It really hurts when i saw that Jesse Nilsson is died.:/
    R.I.P Jesse :(

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    Your blog I like, you are great. Continue to work hard.

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    Heather Beaton-Marshall (Freitag, 30 März 2012 19:50)

    I am one of Jesse's cousins. I have to thank-you for pulling this together so beautifully. My daughter was just asking about Jesse and I was looking for some old videos when I decided to Google his name. I was delighted to find this fantastic site.
    Thanks for keeping his memory alive!

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    betreung-zu-hause (Montag, 28 November 2011 13:06)

    Klasse seite. Dein "Header" ist ent gut gemacht :)

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    Tina (Montag, 04 Juli 2011 22:12)

    Wow. Echt nur gelungen. Klasse. Da steckt sicher viel Arbeit hinter. Ganz großes Lob!!!

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    Tom (Sonntag, 03 Juli 2011 23:06)

    Habe heute einige folgen mit dem Superschauspieler gesehen, traurig , dass er nicht mehr unter uns weilt.

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    Lasko1995 (Samstag, 18 Juni 2011 21:11)

    Eine total gelungene Webseite!
    Du bist der beste Schauspieler.
    Wir alle werden dich für immer in unseren Herzen weiter tragen und nie vergessen!!! Adventure Inc. wäre nicht so toll gewesen, wenn du nicht Gabriel gespielt hättest.

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    HILIARY(jesses big sister) (Dienstag, 26 April 2011 16:08)

    you know how much I appreciate what youve done for my brother,I feel so lucky to have someone so talented,and so dedicated to keeping my brothers memory alive.Im positive he chose you for this purpose.Keep up the amazing work,ive been getting the pics together for you,please send me your address again,sori has taken so long,3 kids keep me pretty busy,especially my 2 year old,named after him,JESSA!!!!I know he sent her to me as a gift,as I have been so devastated by his loss.Having her, helped me return to the world,i was pretty "lost"for a while.Ill send you some pics of her too,as she represents him so perfectly.She has his wild little soul!I thank him every day for her.

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    Kostenlose SMS (Donnerstag, 18 November 2010 19:57)

    hi very nice site :)

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    Russian Mp3 (Sonntag, 14 November 2010 17:41)

    very nice page

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    English cocker spaniel (Mittwoch, 06 Oktober 2010 20:44)

    Great website!

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    Cocker (Donnerstag, 30 September 2010 19:21)

    very nice site
    have a great day :)

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    behnam (Freitag, 13 August 2010 22:50)

    thank you for this page about jesse

    w love jesse,and never forget him.

    i love you,jesse.

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    Falballa (Mittwoch, 31 März 2010 00:10)


    habe dich durch ein anderes Gästebuch gefunden und wollte dich zu uns einladen:

    Vielleicht schaust du ja mal vorbei,ich würde mich freuen.

    Liebe Grüße,


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    Teresa (Samstag, 13 Februar 2010 21:23)

    I never met Jesse, but heard what a wonderful person he was from his sister, Hiliary, whom is like a little sister to me for the past 20 plus years.

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    falballa (Freitag, 18 Dezember 2009 14:45)


    bin über das Jimdo-Forum auf deiner Seite gelandet und wollte einen netten Gruß dalassen.

    Vielleicht schaust du mal bei mir vorbei:

    Liebste Grüße,

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    David (Dienstag, 15 Dezember 2009 22:35)

    very nice site
    have a great day :)

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    jessenilsson (Mittwoch, 09 Dezember 2009 19:01)

    Happy Birthday Jesse!

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    Priscilla (Samstag, 10 Oktober 2009)

    I loved Adventure Inc and Jesse Nilsson, television is worst for their loss.

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    FlixCreEightR (Samstag, 12 September 2009 20:29)

    Very cool tribute site on Jesse Nilsson you have.

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    teyla_mckay (Mittwoch, 05 August 2009 11:51)

    hey isch jo mega cool was du uf bei gstellt hesch.

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    solomiia (Samstag, 18 Juli 2009 20:51)

    wow beautiful beautiful beautiful tribute, it brought tears to my eyes that's how beautiful it is :))) wow amazing work you did on this page just amazing, :))) I bookmarked this under my fav's :)))
    amazing page :))) love this page so much, and such beauiful pics. :)

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    Julia (Samstag, 18 Juli 2009 19:16)

    Ja also ich schrib mal schwyzerdütsch. Isch mega cooli page, ich chönnt das nid. Voll schön gstaltet. Ich kenn de jesse nilsson zwar nid aber die szene wo da dine hesch sind echt cool. Also Sabrina du machsch das super, bmmmw hdl

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    First Mutant (Mittwoch, 08 Juli 2009 23:40)

    What a wonderful idea! Thank you for creating such a beautiful tribute to this actor. It's truly a shame that his career was cut short so young.

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    Michael 'MICASSO' Parent (Mittwoch, 08 Juli 2009 17:15)

    Marty you have put the biggest smile on my face. If I hadn't met Jesse I would still be hiding my talents. Jesse's biggest attribute was wanting everyone to expose their talents and everyone to get down and party!

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    Mina (Mittwoch, 08 Juli 2009 13:44)

    WoW, this is a great site! For a great and much missed actor!

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    Erin Hodgins (Mittwoch, 08 Juli 2009 03:36)

    much appreciated, I miss my cousin dearly. Thank you so much.

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    David Phillips (Dienstag, 07 Juli 2009 23:58)

    I agree with Cameron - this is an awesome tribute to one of my best friends ever. He was a giving guy who really just wanted to make every one have fun and smile. Thanks.


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    Cameron Fraser (Dienstag, 07 Juli 2009 21:48)

    This is a wonderful tribute to my brother. Thank you Marty for creating this site and all of your dedication and hard work. I look forward to thanking you in person some day soon!

    Your friend,


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    jessenilsson (Montag, 06 Juli 2009 14:08)

    Welcome to my guestbook.
    Please write what you think about this page. I’m open for all suggestions.


In loving memory of Jesse Nilsson



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