Special Thanks To:


Isabelle D.:

Isabelle, I have to thank you so much!!! We spent a great time during the last three years! I really enjoy every moment with you! You’re an awesome and true friend and it’s great to chat with you every weekend! I’m so glad to know you. Hdl ©


Cameron F.:

Thank you for your help!! I loved your DVD, which you created for JN's funeral. Without your help I never could have finished this page. I enjoyed the last five years of our friendship very much and I'm looking forward to the future of it! You are a great guy and friend! Thank you for the amazing time we could spend together in Toronto!! 


Saverio L.:

Thank you for telling me about Jesse’s favourite music. It’s nice to know people like you, who appreciate my work so much. 


Allan N.:

Thank you very much for the package!!! I’m glad that you like my videos and appreciate my work I do / did for Jesse so much.


Hiliary P.:

Thank you for being such a huge fan of my videos! It's great to know that you put so much confidence in me. I love being the video producer for Untapped Beauty. Thank you for gaving me that chance!!


Eldon T.:

Thank you for the much information about “University”.



I'd also like to thank these people who always take the time to give a feedback about the videos I create. There are some really brilliant people out there who support my work all the time. Thank you!!




In loving memory of Jesse Nilsson



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