Twice in a Lifetime


Harry MacKenzie has just turned 50. The steelworker lives near Seattle and roots for the Seahawks. He and his wife of 30 years, Kate have three kids, Jerry, Helen, and Sunny. On the surface, life is good. Truth is, Harry is bored until he meets barmaid Audrey.

Twice in a Lifetime takes an even-handed look at the consequences of divorce. Harry doesn't just shatter Kate’s world when he takes up with another woman, but his entire family. The film works double-time as an ode to a city that no longer exists, as when Harry and Audrey take in a game at the Kingdome.


Jesse Nilsson played two different characters: 

·   School’s Out (1999) - Young Eric Lee

·   The Frat Pack (2000) – T.J.



In loving memory of Jesse Nilsson



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