07.07.09 Dedication of my fanpage 

19.07.09 Update Galleries

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21.07.09 New Header

24.07.09 Update at the Welcome Page

27.07.09 Adding a download link for the German Episodesguide of Adventure Inc.

31.07.09 Update at Adventure Inc. Videos 

31.07.09 Tried to fix the simfy music player. It's a problem with simfy, don't know when it works again.

01.08.09 Addendum Biography

04.08.09 Adding new pic to Gallery 1

08.08.09 Update Adventure Inc. Videos (Infos) + adding a new Adventure Inc. video

09.08.09 Adding "The Piano Man's Daughter" to JN's filmography

16.08.09 Adding a new video (Our Hero). Added a new Navigation (Movies).  

29.08.09 Deleting all videos because I changed my YouTube channel.

30.08.09 Adding the (old) videos again. Changing some links.

07.09.09 Adding Eldon Thiele to "Thanksgiving to special people". Adding new infos to Filmography => University.
12.09.09 Adding 12 new pictures to Gallery 1. 

19.09.09 Adding a new Adventure Inc. video.

09.10.09 Adding navigation Blogs, deleting navigation Movies.

28.11.09 IMPORTANT: This page will be closen from 6.- 8. December because of workings! 

08.12.09 Changing Header, new Start page with Flash object, 3 new videos, some new pictures, Blog

19.01.10 Editing some pages.

I've got Photoshop and I started with trying it out. My first some pics are already in Gallery 3.

05.02.10 Editing "Thanksgiving to special people" and Teenage Space Vampires

11.02.10 Adding a new video.

26.04.10 Editing Home, Videos, Biography, Galleries

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05.09.10 Adding new pictures (Gallery 1) and opening a section for fan fiction stories by fans.

09.12.10 Adding new pictures (Gallery 3), uploading new videos

23.03.11 Adding new pictures (Gallery 1)
25.04.11 Editing the fan page.
26.04.11 Adding a new video for Jesse's 8th anniversary.

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09.12.11 Editing contact details, adding a new video

26.04.12 Adding video "Jesse's 9th anniversary"

12.12.12 Adding video "Jesse Nilsson - 9th December 2013"

26.04.13 Adding video "Jesse Nilsson - 10th anniversary"



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