Justin Timberlake is mourning the sudden death of his actor pal Jesse Nilsson. They struck up a friendship, when the two co-starred in the TV movie Model Behavior.

Justin was stunned and saddened when he heard about Jesse's death. Jesse was a vibrant and talented actor, a warm and generous person and a good friend. Justin will miss him a lot. 







Michael Biehn: Jesse was full of energy, he was very wild and he was just moving around, he loved adventures himself. Jesse Nilsson was a good actor.







Karen Cliché: We had like a brother-sister relationship. He’s like the brother I've never had!


CF: I think about him everyday. He was a beautiful person. He had a very joyful spirit. His look was very hot and when he would read for people, they respected him as an actor. Jesse was the type of guy who made an impression, whether you liked him or not. You never forgot him.


CG: Jesse was definitely a happy man! He was always smiling and playing around!


KP: He was a great person and I miss him dearly.


SL: He was one of my best friends and a wonderful guy, and he would have loved to know that there are people who love him as much as we do.


GB: I went to theatre school with Jesse for one year - great memories of a great guy - he was very down to earth,  genuine , and so funny . Thanks for putting up this site, it's a great tribute to a great guy.



Jesse and I used to have the best fights in grade school. Well we didn’t actually fight like nonstop fists or whatever but we had some good battles. He was not liked well in grade school, much because of his own doing, but deep down inside he was just as normal as you or I.


I remember sitting behind him in grade six and he had to do a speech on squirrels and I got mad at him so I ripped his speech up for some reason and then he did mine and we laughed about it cuz we had to do these speeches but neither of us had any material left.


I live right around the corner from Jesse's family, He and my ex best friend were very good friends. I had known him for about over a year and a half. It was a shock to all of us on his passing. He was a super sweet guy. I still can't believe he's been gone from us now for almost 4 yrs. I still can't believe he's been gone from us now for almost 4 yrs. I hope he's now in the STARS where he should be and happy, healthy and safe! And truly loved :)


When I found out which was in October, I cried really hard to my friends... My boyfriend tried to comfort me but it didn't work cause I love Jesse so much, that it still hurts inside me and when I listen to a song that I liked because of him I cry… If you know how much you love someone and then they die it's really hard on you and it will probably take me until I die to get over it....I'll pray for him and his family and friends as if he was my own brother or friend or even a loved one.


He was my favorite actor and he still is. When I go to look up a picture of him or just go to a website or see Model Behavior, I cry really hard!!! I love him as a fan and hope we can all get over this together but I know I or we probably won't... Life will not be the same without the best actor in the world... I'll miss him more than you know...I'm a very big fan of your son and brother and friend... I'll keep you and Jesse in my prayers and ask other people to


A very big fan of Jesse Nilsson... I'll remember you Jesse and you'll always be in my heart!!! I love you!!!


In loving memory of Jesse Nilsson



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